Benefits of Yeşil Hayat Organic Fertilizer

To increase the effectiveness of the typical organic fertilizer, our technology
will produce organic fertilizer that is mixed with effective physically processed
organic matter to give multiple effects and thus eliminating the need to use
chemical fertilizers.

YH organic fertilizer will provide all of the known benefits of regular organic
fertilizers (i.e. improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of
the soil) with higher efficiency to absorb water and keep it at the surface of the
soil for longer time comparing with ordinary organic fertilizers.

YH organic fertilizer will be free of harmful bacteria, fungi, and seeds of weeds.

YH organic fertilizer has no offensive odor.

YH organic fertilizer will help in saving reclamation expenses every 2-3 years,
the case of using chemical fertilizers.

Local manufacturing of organic fertilizer by YH will further reduce dependence
on import.